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Custom Collector Inside You!

Welcome to Custom Collector Studio, your first stop to all custom statues. From big to small we provide high detailed sculptures & busts fully painted. All your superhero’s & villains at one place and custom pieces on request. Selected & supported only from the best artists around the globe.

Prepare For Awesomeness

High Quality. Custom Painted. Pure Awesomeness.

High Detailed Models

Resin printed at high quality as you would want from any statue!

Creative Quality

Hand painted & airbrused to the finest detail that will rock your socks.

Perfect Sizes

Providing multiple scale options to suit your needs. 1/4 scale all the way down to that D&D mini’s we all love!

Artist We Love

With our catalog towards the top selected model sculptors around the globe that we trust and love, this ensures high detailed statues for your collection.

Patreon's we love & support!

Exceptional sculptors from around the globe!

Selecting only the highest quality provided models from top sculptors is key. This provides you with excellent detailed models which are sculpted to top class. Bringing your custom collection to life, beyond any other with unique design and presence!

Recommended Artists: